Elves in Iowa - Day 3!

Christmas Books!!

This one looks like a little santa bag..soo cute :)

This one is full of Christmas Carols and even comes with a sing-along-cd! Very fun!


Elves in Iowa - Day 2!

Today little man got a cute little camera!! Now maybe he will not need to play with Mommy's expensive one..ha!


Doctors appointment went great today..well, if you think great consists of waiting another week! Blahhh!!! At least he is healthy and happy....I just keep telling him he would be so much happier out here! I will go back in next Wednesday and we'll see how things are progressing at that point. Guess I wont have a Christmas Baby, but for my sanity I hope he makes it by New Years!! :)


Moss Christmas!

We had the Farmer's side of the family's Christmas celebration on Saturday morning! I forgot my camera...actually I had it packed in my hospital bag, hehe!! Anyway I decided to take a pic of the fun stuff I got when we got back home!

JoElyn drew my name this year and got me the fabulous Fiesatware Relish/Utility Trays! She didn't even know I had been wanting them! They are being discontinued after December 31st! They are the perfect size for a cob of sweet corn or a hot dog :) Soo cute! She also gave me the Cowboy Night Before Christmas book...it is sooo adorable! Can't wait to read it to Merritt!! The Farmer's parents gave me the Wise men set to my Willow Tree Nativity (below) They have been giving me a set every year since we got engaged..only a few more pieces and it will be complete! Love it!!! All the girls also got purple tool sets! And we got some other fun stuff in our stockings! AND we ate and ate and ate!! :)

Can you believe The Farmer and I haven't opened our gifts to/from each other yet?!?! Last year I insisted we rip everything open on December 1st!! haha!!! I am actually waiting until Christmas morning this year, so it will actually feel like Christmas...or maybe we will be in the hospital?!?! :) This will be my VERY first Christmas ever to not be home in Mississippi, and wouldn't you know it has been soo nice here in Iowa. There is NO snow on the ground and the forecast doesn't seem to be predicting a White Christmas..crazy! The one time I actually want it to snow!! boo! Anyway my fam is going to come up when little Merritt finally decides to arrive, so at least I will get to see them around Christmas, even if I don't get to go home :) It will be very weird, but worth it to have my little babe!!!


Elves in Iowa - Day 1

No, he is not here yet, but the elves still came!! ;)

They brought him this super fun soft farm block set by Galt!

They are sooo cute!
I'm pretty sure the elves found these on Zulily, not sure where else you can get them :)

p.s. I go back to the doc in the morning! My blood pressure has been good at the last two appointments, but I am still on the modified bed rest just to make sure it stays down. Hopefully he will come soon! Only 11 more days until my due date, but he is fully cooked at this point, so anytime is good with me :)


Babys First Christmas?!?!?

I'm not sure if this will be his first Christmas or not, but he will have presents, just in case!! :)

These are from me and the Farmer...

V-Tech Push and Learn Pony

V-Tech Sit-to-Stand Farm Walker

And The Little People Nativity!! I got this one off Ebay, because I liked the look of it better than the new one they have out!

No, I'm not gonna wrap them...I'm sure he won't mind!!! ha!!

This is what Santa is bringing him...he decided to drop it off early! hehe :)
'Twas The Night Before Christmas Little People Set! Soo cute!


Of course the Elves are coming to visit too, but you will have to wait until the week before Christmas for that!!

All I want for Christmas is my sweet baby Merritt!!! :)


37 weeks!!!

I know this phone pic is awful but I don't feel like uploading the other 27 that I made the Farmer take with my good camera! haha! You just better feel lucky I like the way I look in this enough to post it!! :) Good thing the Farmer is tall...such a good angle! ha!

The appointment went GREAT!! My blood pressure was back to normal!! The bad news is I have to continue the bed rest routine in order to keep it normal...blahhh!!!! At this point we are just taking it week by week, so STAY TUNED!!! Maybe I will have a Christmas Baby afterall :)

Don't worry, you know I am prepared with Babys First Christmas AND Babys First New Years outfits just in case!! ;)


Christmas 2011 Decor!!

Yes! I know this has taken forever for me to post, but better now than never :)

You see that big box in the corner wrapped in blue/white snowmen?!?! That's to me from the Farmer!!! He just brought it in one day and put it under the tree....umm who are you and where is my husband?!?! Can't wait to open it!!! Speaking of the Farmer, he has been such a trooper since I got put on bedrest. He cooks, he cleans, he picks up all the things I drop (never thought I could get more clumsy!), he comforts me when I cry over the dumbest things, he even puts on my shoes & socks when it's time for my daily walk (no! I can't put them on by myself...we past that point weeks ago!!) He basically waits on me hand and foot. Not sure I am gonna be able to go back to doing things for myself when this is all over! What a sweet boy I married :) Last night he put together the swing and the stroller that have been sitting in my office in boxes since this summer...things got really REAL when I decided to push the stroller around, i felt like a Momma!!! :)

How cute are our pink and green stockings!??!?!

These are my new finds from Hobby Lobby! Soo cute!!

I decided to just put the little tree up this year...less to take down :)

pink and green lights :)

found these Noel and Peace signs from Hobby Lobby too!

I made this a few years back...just love it :)

Well I'm off to do my walking dvd!! We had a lot of snow on Saturday, so I'm not going to venture out and risk slipping/falling..did I mention how much more clumsy I have become?!?! Another appointment on Wednesday, so I'll keep yall posted on Peep's progress :)