This and that!!

I've noticed on my recent posts that pictures are all jumbled, but since I'm blogging from an app on my phone, I have no clue how to fix it!! I'll be back to normal in two weeks! But for now, here's a little of what we've been up to!

Ninja turtle cookies! The boys have never seen the ninja turtles but they thought the box looked cool!! Haha!!
I didn't get a pic of the finished product, but you get the idea!! :)

We also did some baked sun catchers!!

And made some yummy patriotic cupcakes for Memorial Day!!
Not much going on this week, but we are heading to New Orleans this weekend!!

Last day at the beach!!

We did lots more swimming and playing in the sand, but we also added in some geocaching! And this time we actually found some caches! So fun! 
We made it back home Friday afternoon and have just been working with horses since then! Not much but that on the agenda for this week either! Stay tuned :)

Beach Day three!

More fun today!! We watched/tried to catch lots of birds, along with more swimming and playing in the sand!! The boys are having so much fun! 


Crab Hunting!!

I forgot to post the pics of the boys crab hunting tonight!! So fun!!

Beach Day two!

Another big day of fun! Beach walking, shell collecting, swimming, and yummy seafood! Perfect day!


Fell asleep waiting for us to get ready for supper!!


Beach Day one!

We made it and the boys are loving it!! They have already collected tons of shells and done lots of swimming!! 


(Backup) McCoy's Spirit 3rd birthday!

My Momma had sent home some Spirit plates for us to use, that had been leftover from when my nephew had a Spirit party a long time ago, and when McCoy saw the plates he decided he wanted a Spirit party at Whoop's house!! We had lots of Spirit toys saved from when Cade was little too! It turned out cute and he had a great time!!
We had a yummy taco bar to go with the cake and ice cream! Still can't believe my baby is three!!