Big Fun Friday!

I decided to take the boys for a picnic at the park today! Mostly because I had a MOPS meeting at the park this morning, and McCoy bragged to Merritt that he got to go to the park! ha! So we grabbed some Happy Meals, ran by Subway so we could bring The Farmer a sandwich in the field, then headed to the park!! 

We have been meaning to do some Geocaching and I realized there was one 
close by this park, so we looked for it but had no luck!!

So we headed to another park, where there was supposed to be another Geocache, 
and again NO LUCK!!

But they had fun riding some horses!

I thought this was the cache, but it was like a pack of fireworks with no log or anything?!?!
Not sure?!?!

Wondering why we are going places and searching for "treasure" that we never find! ha!

We decided going to the Foreign Candy Store would be the best treasure!! :)

Fun day with these crazy boys!! 


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