Grands Photo shoot!

We got all the kids gussied up and took pics on the beach...these are just the few I felt like editing..I'm on vaycay after all!! haha! I didn't even bring my big girl camera with me, luckily my Momma has a nice Canon Rebel and a fab lens (I picked out for her, tehehe :) that I used to get some good shots!


More Beach Fun!

We have been having a blast this week at the beach...well if you don't count the nasty sunburn I have acquired..I'll never learn!! We leave tomorrow and head back to my Momma and Daddy's house for the next week, then we leave with my Daddy on our road trip back home :)

who doesn't love matching jammies?!?

fun at LuLu's seafood restaurant!! 


Life's a beach!!

This baby LOVES the beach...too bad I can't stand sand, ha!! Ugghh!! He wants to roll around on the beach, then run to the waves, he has no fear! We are having a great time (besides the sand!) and have been eating the best seafood! My brother and Rex got here tonight, so I'm sure the rest of the weekend will be filled with excitement!


Horse Sale Fun!

On Saturday, we went to my Daddy's horse sale (actually we were there Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!)  Merritt had such a good time! He loved getting to ride the ponies and play in the sand/rocks! I helped out in the office, so The Farmer was on Merritt duty and was able to take him back and forth to the hotel so he could nap and not die from the heat! He left on Sunday morning to get back home and the rest of us are headed to the beach (Gulf Shores, AL) tomorrow for the week! Can't wait!! :)

cooling off for a minute in the office :)

"helping" Granddaddy with his Tack Sale!

visiting Mommy in the office

He was beyond mad when he had to get off this pony!!

thank goodness Granddaddy had another one for him to ride!!

Mommy's little Cowboy!