Fun at Uncle Treys!

After the Aquarium and Insectarium, we headed back to my brother's to relax and order food from an amazing seafood place, New Orleans Hamburger and Seafood Company. He lives in the Garden District in New Orleans, so there is lots of yummy food and fun things to do with just a walk or short ride away. Merritt loved Rex's toys the most though! He inhaled popcorn shrimp like they were pieces of hot dog, then jumped down from the table to play some more :) 

This was hilarious! My Daddy and Trey left to go pick up the food and the boys were not happy they got left behind! Rex was trying to open the door, while Merritt discovered the mail slot..he was mesmerized!!  Rex wasn't as impressed and thought Merritt needed to be helping escape!! Too funny! :)

My sweet nephew Rex! 
Pardon my was like 300 hundred degrees outside and the short walk to the Aquarium ruined my hair and make-up! haha!! Did you notice that Rex doesn't look hot at all and Merritt looks like he just ran a marathon!! I guess we have lots of acclimating to do!! :)

Merritt and Uncle Trey!

they decided to switch caps...maybe not the best choice!! HA!!!

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