Afternoon fun!

We had a busy afternoon of watching load cattle...

Watering the garden...

Putting out the flowers..

Working with Jake...

sneaking pop with The Farmer...

And finally a movie night!! Zootopia with my loves! :)


State Horse Show!!

We are back home and trying to unpack, wash clothes, re-group, and do a million other things!! August Ann came back with us and is staying for three weeks, so exciting! Of course we have tons of fun things planned so stay tuned!! But for now, here are all the pics from the State Horse Show!

First up was the State Horse Bowl Championships and August Ann's team won and went undefeated!! 
So proud of her and all the hard work she put in!! 

The next night was Opening Ceremonies and awards. Her team got 3rd in the Horse Judging at state!! Woohoo! The boys loved getting to watch and cheer for her!

McCoy the mascot! :)

Finally it was time to show!!! This is her last year as a Junior, so it was her last year to show her ponies (she can still show miniatures next year as a Senior, but only Juniors can show ponies) So we were working super hard to get two Grand Champions!! We were all beyond thrilled when she did it!! Grand Champion Pony Gelding and Grand Champion Pony Mare!!! Way to go out with a HUGE bang Pauggie!! Soo proud!!

Once she wins Grand, she has to show against all the other horses that won Grand in their divisions, for a spot at the 4-H regional horse fun to see her tiny ponies up against the horses!


McCoy 2 years/Merritt 4.5 years!!

If it weren't for last minutes, I would never get anything done!! 

This morning, while we were working with horses for the last time (state show in the morning and we are heading home this weekend!), I realized that I hadn't taken McCoy's two year pictures yet!! EEEeeccckk!! I had been planning to take them with all the ponies while we were here in Mississippi...but I totally spaced it until this morning!!! 

So as soon as we finished with the show horses, we rushed inside to get the boys dressed, while Daddy was trying to get as many ponies to come up to the lot as he could! He has around 250, so I was hopeful he could get at least a few to comply!! The boys loved it!

We were also racing against the light! I always shoot in the late afternoon, morning light never works for me, but I think they turned out pretty cute!!

Anywho! Without further are the pics of my sweet cowboys!!