Sweet Summertime!

We went to the Walmart yesterday to get groceries and August Ann and I saw the cutest watermelon cupcake mix/frosting!
 We put it the buggy and Merritt couldn't wait to make them! 

When we got to the checkout, we realized it was actually flavored watermelon (yuck!)..we thought it was just supposed to look like a watermelon!! We all love watermelon, but the thought of an artificially flavored watermelon cupcake made us gag!! So we put it back. 

Cut to this morning...we got in from working with horses and Merritt asked if we could make the watermelon cupcakes now?!?? Oops!! I should have known he wouldn't forget!! 

Thank goodness Honey had a box of white cake mix and vanilla frosting!

 We died the cake mix green

Baked them up..

Died the icing red...

And added some chocolate chips for the seeds!! 

They turned out so cute and were super yummy!! 

Happy summer/happy Merritt :)


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