District Horse Show!

August Ann did so great at District horse show! She came home with Grand Pony Mare, Grand Pony Gelding, Grand Mini Gelding, and Reserve Mini Mare!! And Last night at judging practice, we found out she also won The High Point award for the pony division! Woohoo!!

The boys had such a great time! Our cousin, Katherine, along with her hubby and their adorable little girls were in town, so they came to watch too!! My Aunt Nancy and Uncle Kirk and my other cousin Katie came up as well, so we had a little family reunion after the show!! 

So much fun! I hadn't seen them all since Merritt's first birthday! Aunt Nancy brought a bag-o-fun complete with bubbles which were a huge hit!! The kids had a ball and Merritt wanted to go home with the "little ladies" (as he calls them!) to swim in their pool! 

Now it's just lots more working with horses and practicing judging/horse bowl for the State Show!! But first, a quick trip to New Orleans to see my brother and his fam and meet my new niece!! Stay tuned!!

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