Birthday Buddy!!

Not only was the Prince born on my B-day, but my newest nephew (my brother and sister-in-laws 2nd little boy) was too! His name is Maddox and he came two months early, only because he knew the 22nd would be a special day to be born!! He is doing great, and everyone tells me he has my (and Merritt's) nose!! All the pics I have seen look like alot Merritt's newborn pics! I can't wait to meet him when we go back home in September!! 

Baby's First Shower!

This is what happens when your hotel doesn't have a tub!! haha!! We thought we could get away with no bath for him, but after a hot day at the rodeo, it was a must! Of course, Merritt thought is was the best thing ever! He would try to dance around under the water and would slip and fall and then laugh uncontrollably!

If I never blog again, you know that The Farmer saw this and killed me!! HAHA! #farmerstan #oristhatawhiteshirt


Vaycay re-cap!

We had a ton of fun on our vaycay, but I am glad to be home for a few weeks ;)

Our first stop was Lincoln, NE for the Children s Museum. Merritt (and the Farmer) had a ball!

soo tired!! :)

The next day we headed to Cheyenne, WY and stopped at the Great Platte River Road Archway Museum along the way. It was GREAT!

the museum is built over the interstate and you can look down to see how fast the cars are going!

this child wants to ride every animal he sees!!

We had so much fun at Cheyenne Frontier Days!!

a little nap while I did some shopping!

clapping for the cowboys!

yelling for the cowboys!

He loved it!!  Not bad getting to go to the "Daddy of 'em All" for his very first rodeo!!

and of course he had to ride the pony! All by himself, Mr. Independent!

Cheyenne Frontier Days Parade!!

the life...

good thing he was buckled in!!

On the way home we stopped by Chimney Rock! Off the beaten path, (literally had to go down gravel roads to get there) but so worth it! You could really imagine the covered wagons of long ago on the horizon!

Merritt had lots of fun loading the wagon at the visitor center!

Such a fabulous getaway! Hope we can go back in a few years for more fun! #ilovethewest