Did you now I'm Royalty?!? Well, since the new prince was born on my very own birthday it pretty much means I am...duh! ;)  I had a fun day celebrating with my (and Merritt's) friends! I still can't believe I'm 25...again...tehehe!!

He had tons of fun with Claire in the pool and sandbox!

He also got to play with Rose, Jorgi, Charlie, and sweet baby Lee!

we missed our friends!

Claire needed to try on his hat! That didn't last long! :)

he was so excited to go on his playdate (sorry these pics uploaded out of order!!)

he kept saying swim swim!!

then I saw this and almost started crying as glimpses of his first day of preschool flooded my head...not cool!!! 

so proud of his crabby backpack!!

The Southern Belle PRINCESS ;)

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