North Platte, NE

This little town is filled with history of the famous Buffalo Bill Cody (one of my faves!) We got to visit an Old Fort replica that had tons of fun things for Merritt to do, bust most importantly we got to tour Buffalo Bills Scout's Rest Ranch. It was nothing short of amazing!!
Fun at Fort Cody!!

my little scar face...he had a run in with a hotel wall!!

he thought this "man" was so funny!!

Granddaddy told him to shake his hand!!

he ADORED this miniature sized Wild West Show that moved/played every 30 minutes! We took him back for one last look before we left town!

they had a whole area outside to play!!

hey ya hey ya!!

Scouts Rest Ranch!!

the ranch house

the huge barn!

the spade symbol was Annie Oakley's Trademark!

The actual old posters Buffalo Bill put up..soo cool!

can you guess what happened when it was time to get off?!?!

the rafters look like gun stocks!


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