Fort Worth!!

We are home!! After a long week of fun filled travel with my Daddy, we made it back to Iowa! I have a about a million pictures, so settle in and get ready!! I'll post them in order of our road trip...first stop Fort Worth!!
this is it of my very favorite places on God's green earth!! 

yep, that's my 18 month old, riding a big longhorn like it's his job!! :)

This is one of the times I wish I would have brought my "big girl camera" along...I think with a little editing, I can make them good enough to print :)  It was soo nice not to have to lug that beast along everywhere!

I probably don't have to tell you that it was an epic disaster when he had to get off...oh my!

I could barely get these pictures taken because a big crowd gathered and started taking pics of him too!! Later we had strangers ask if that was the little boy on the steer...oh yes, that was him, my little cowboy :)

Merritt's first Fort Worth Trail Drive!!

dont you just love the stuffed animal he picked out?!?!

check out the videos on youtube, to see him ride this pony!

we had amazing chicken fried steaks at the H3 Ranch, then did a little shopping and headed on down the road!


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