Craft Time!

We are so sick of these cold days!! Thank goodness for Pinterest and lots of ideas to keep this child busy! I decided we needed a St. Paddys Day craft to hang on the fridge, so this is what we came up with! I just drew the rainbow and pot of gold on a paper plate, then put glue over the stripes in the rainbow and helped him put the correct color pom pom on. He did good with the green and blue, but then decided he wanted to throw the pom poms and see what color landed where...then I decided to have a heart attack because "that is not how we do crafts!!!" Eeccckk!! hahaha! With a little coaxing we got it done and he loves it! He keeps coming back to it and saying "my bainbow" too cute! :)

wish he would have had his shamrock jammies on but I guess I can't have it all!! hahaha :)


The Farmer has been saying prayers with Merritt for a while now but I haven't heard him say them yet. Tonight they called me in so I could hear and video of course!! :) 

Just makes me melt :)

Mardi Gras Breakfast

My brother has been sending all kinds of pics of him and his boys at Mardi Gras parades, so I figured it was time for us to join in the fun too!! I made these yummy mini king cakes out of cinnamon rolls this morning and they were delicious!!

Merritt loved them, of course! I have a king cake monkey bread recipe from Pinterest I think I will use on Fat Tuesday! Wish there was a parade around here, I know he would love it! One day when the boys are a little older we will have to go visit my brother during carnival season! Happy Mardi Gras!

Ready for Church!

I had to snap a few pictures of my little sailor before church! He looked so cute! 

I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but The Farmer is color blind...not like black and white, but he can't see the right colors...I'm not really sure the details because he HATES talking about it...wonder if he will hate that I am writing about it?!?! tehehe! Anyway I just laid out Merritt's outfit yesterday morning and The Farmer got him dressed and agreed he looked very cute and helped me get him to smile for these pics...I simply decided to keep the fact that the pants were mint green to myself :)  Then we get to church and everybody has to say something about Merritt's BRIGHT green pants! Turns out the farmer thought they were khaki! HAHA! Wonder if I will be able to sneak them by him again!?!?! 

Movie Night!

The other night Monsters Inc and Monsters University came on cable, so we decided to have a movie night with popcorn! Merritt thought it was the best! Maybe it will be our new Friday night tradition! :)


Merritt's Second B-day - IA Party!

We had Merritt's party for his family here in Iowa tonight..only two months late..hehe!! It was so fun to have everyone over since most of them hadn't seen the house since we moved in and it gave me a deadline to have things decorated and fixed up! :)

this is the finished barn wood wall! The Farmer did such a great job on it!

how many is 2???  ;)

he is a pro at eating cake :)

all the fun stuff he got!! Thank yall all so much for coming and celebrating our little boy! I hope the next 2 years go a little slower :)

House Stuff!

I have done a little bit more decorating and thought I'd share a few pics...a few not so great pics, I just snapped them with my point and shoot, sorry for the poor quality!

The Farmer got me this old letter sorter at an estate sale, it was used in the old bank in our cool!

I couldn't decide what to do with it, but finally settled on putting it in the bay window to display my Fiesta teacups!

love the way it turned out!

collage wall! I have been picturing this in my head for awhile, it's so nice to see it come together!

the yellow M still needs some tweaking, not in love with the shade.

curtains hung! LOVE them and my vintage Buffalo Bill poster!
Everything is coming together :)

Foam Sticker Fun!

Making a farm scene with foam stickers on a cold winters day! :)