Cupid Visit!

We are heading to Rapid City on Thursday for the Black Hills Stock Show, and wont be back until Sunday, so Cupid decided to drop Merritt's Valentines happy off early so he could enjoy it before the big day!
He was most excited about Madly Madagascar (the Madagascar Valentines Special)!! He has been OBSESSED with the Madagascar movies lately (he calls it Zebra!) The 3rd one came on TV last week so we DVR'd it...i cant even tell you how many times we have watched it since then, he has the 1st and 2nd ones and loves those too! Anyway, he saw the Zebra dvd and flipped out! So fun :) Mommy was excited for a new story line! He also got a few Valentine books, a cars bath paint set, Valentine window clings, and some play-doh!! 

Cupid misplaced the Valentine's happy basket in the move, so he just left everything on the table ;)

happy love month!! :)

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