Merritt Wylie 2 Years!

Yes, I know you've seen these pics already, but these are the only good ones I have of him as a two year old!! He went for his check-up the other day, he weighed 30 pounds and was 35 inches tall!! He is slowly loosing his chubby cheeks and turning into a big boy and I HATE every second of it!! 

He wears 18-24 months or 2T clothes and still in a size 4 diaper...maybe we will loose those soon? We got him a little potty and he loves to flush it, but he's not interested in sitting on it just yet!

He is talking up a storm and putting words together/making short sentences. I just adore his sweet little voice and find it super hard to say no, when he says "pweese Mommy!"  He can do lots of things when you ask him, like find your coat, throw away your trash, bring your plate to the sink...he can be such a big helper when he wants to be!

He loves play-doh, anything to do with Toy Story, tractors/farming, Lucky Luke, wearing his hat/being a cowboy, and candy! His favorites are Dum-Dums, Smarties, and Pez. He also really likes to help Mommy cook and bake and loves to eat what we make! He loves going to Kindermusik and even listens/follows the rules sometimes!! His favorite foods are pizza, biscuits, any kind of meat, cheese, teddy grahams, bananas, and milk!

He is still sleeping in his crib, but his bed railing just came in, so the switch to the big boy bed will likely happen soon! We are also completely Wubby free!! 

He likes to kiss my tummy and say baby and McCoy, but has no idea what he is in for! I have stated taking more naps when he naps (usually 1:00 to 4:00) so I hope he doesn't give that up anytime soon! He still sleeps from 8:00ish to 8:00ish, which I also hope he doesn't give up any time soon!!

We just LOVE our crazy little bulldozer and even when I'm about to loose my mind, I wouldn't change him for the world!!  :)

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