Valentines baking!

We have been baking lots of Valentine sweets around here since we got home! Partly because my boys love sweets, but mainly because this preggo is craving them day and night!!! :) We have made monster cookie bars with Valentine colored M&M's, brownies, Valentine sugar cookies, and today we decided to make Valentine cupcakes!! Merritt LOVES to help! He is great at stirring, dumping in ingredients, putting the cupcake liners in, sprinkling sprinkles, and most importantly taste testing!! :)

My little love-bot!! 

in the zone!!

In other news, we have been Wubby (pacifier) free for three naps and two nights!! This is a huge accomplishment considering how much he adored his Wubby! He has the kind with the animal attached so we cut (actually they finally fell off!) the pacifier off and let him keep the little animals. As I type, he is screaming "Wubby, where haaare you?!?!" but hoping he just falls asleep soon! The next step is to move him to his big boy bed, then learn to use the potty!! We are aiming to have all this done before McCoy arrives, but realize it may not happen! Stay tuned!! :) 

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