Mommy's Valentine!

This morning before heading to MOPS, we got a valentine package in the mail from Honey and Whoop! So of course we had to see what was inside!! Out of all the fun treats and toys, he was most excited about the gun that he had gotten for his birthday while in Mississippi, that we accidentally left it in the truck when Whoop dropped us off in St. Jo! Merritt was VERY happy to be reunited! 

It's safe to say we will be eating candy for weeks around here! His Grandma and Grandpa sent him a McDonald's gift card (we LOVE Happy Meals) and JayJay and his cousins sent him some new "under the sea" animals (we lost our sting ray in the move and he has been missing it!) 

Thank yall soo much for his Valentine surprises and for loving our little boy! We love you too!! :)

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