Happy V-day!!

This morning we woke up and I realized I forgot to put Merritt in his Valentine jammies last night!! Ughh!! I had been saving them all week (so I wouldn't have to wash them again!) and totally forgot!! BLAH!! Oh well, I gave him his Valentine chocolates in his cowboy jammies and life went on :) He loved every bite of them, by the way....there was never any doubt!! I also made some festive monkey bread and got to open my gift! A Pandora charm! It's the house one...no need to explain the meaning! :) Tonight we are going to order pizza, eat cheesecake, and watch as many episodes of the new season of House of Cards on Netflix as we can!! So romantic, right?!?! Hope you all have a fabulous day with your loves!


dont mind my big purple "M" it will be yellow soon, just wanted to make sure it looked good in that spot on my collage wall! Promise to post updated house pics soon! :)

ewww! somebody needs a wipe! :)

cinnamon monkey bread!

my house charm from my sweet Farmer :)

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