Ready for Church!

I had to snap a few pictures of my little sailor before church! He looked so cute! 

I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but The Farmer is color blind...not like black and white, but he can't see the right colors...I'm not really sure the details because he HATES talking about it...wonder if he will hate that I am writing about it?!?! tehehe! Anyway I just laid out Merritt's outfit yesterday morning and The Farmer got him dressed and agreed he looked very cute and helped me get him to smile for these pics...I simply decided to keep the fact that the pants were mint green to myself :)  Then we get to church and everybody has to say something about Merritt's BRIGHT green pants! Turns out the farmer thought they were khaki! HAHA! Wonder if I will be able to sneak them by him again!?!?! 

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