Craft Time!

We are so sick of these cold days!! Thank goodness for Pinterest and lots of ideas to keep this child busy! I decided we needed a St. Paddys Day craft to hang on the fridge, so this is what we came up with! I just drew the rainbow and pot of gold on a paper plate, then put glue over the stripes in the rainbow and helped him put the correct color pom pom on. He did good with the green and blue, but then decided he wanted to throw the pom poms and see what color landed where...then I decided to have a heart attack because "that is not how we do crafts!!!" Eeccckk!! hahaha! With a little coaxing we got it done and he loves it! He keeps coming back to it and saying "my bainbow" too cute! :)

wish he would have had his shamrock jammies on but I guess I can't have it all!! hahaha :)

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