Church Auction!!

We had a fun time, as usual, at the church auction tonight! We had our eye on a few things (all stuff for Merritt of course!) but my heart was set on this feeder wagon and feed bunk set! I'm pretty sure The Farmer wanted it even more! Haha!! Turns out, a few other little boys wanted it too, but "Daddy" stuck it out the longest! :) Yea!!  It even came with three little bags of pom poms labeled silage, hay, and corn for him to mix up in the wagon! SOO cute! And super heavy duty, there is no way my bulldozer baby can break this, he may break something else with it, but he wont break this! ha! Just in case your little farmer needs one too, it is made by River Bottom Toys, in Rock Valley, IA...

headed to Rapid City in the morning!! Stay tuned for fun pics from the Stock Show :)

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