Christmas in Dixie!!

Yes, I'm aware some of these pics aren't that great, but the lighting was wretched!! :)

Christmas Eve!

My brother and his new wife, Erin!

Cade and A-Dub!

Me and my Daddy!

Family Christmas Tradition!! A piƱata!!

Cade hitting the Penguin!

too loud!!

The Goods!

Playing with the loot!

My brother, blowing the horn!!

The Farmer trying to figure it out!!

finger trap!!

My UD!!!

Awww :)

The Tree!

The Magic Boots!!



cute barbie!


She got an "Our Generation" Doll from Santa, and then she got the Horse that the doll rides..not to mention every outfit and accessory that she comes with!!

I got out my treasured American Girl Doll (Kirsten), so we could play slumber party!!

I know I look less than incredible, but it's a fun pic!!

Hope you all had a Marvelous Christmas!!! :)


The Famer and The Ponies!

My Family has a Miniature Horse/Pony Ranch in Mississippi....we took the Farmer on a tour!

Careful...he'll buck!!

We had to remind the Farmer that this was a pony, not a sheep!

still showing!!

maybe we will start raising ponies too...just don't tell the Farmer ;)


After Christmas Wreath!

Soo I am having a New Years Eve get together, even though I am leaving up all my Christmas decor, I decided to take down my Cowboy Santa Countdown Calendar off the closet looked a little bare, so I whipped up this wreath using a styrofoam circle, ribbon, and extra ornaments! Soo simple...I started using E600 to attach the balls, but ended up using the glue gun to finish up!!! Now it looks great on my door and I'm ready for company :)



I got some really cool stuff for my kitchen this Christmas, so I thought I would share some pics!

I have been wanting to have a cabinet dedicated to baking for a while, so my Momma got me jump started! She found quite the collection of cookie cutters (Christmas, Halloween, Valentines, and Western!), sprinkles, and cup cake liners...and the cutest glass jars to keep them all organized!! Doesn't it look cute!?! The first thing I did when I got home was organize this cabinet to accommodate my new baking accessories!

I also got a Cookie Press!

soo cute!

These baskets have all my Candy Melts, Nuts, Chocolate Chips, etc....

I got a Deep Fryer too...Mmmmmm :)

And Cast Iron Skillets!! Cornbread here we come!

I got the 3rd Season of the Tudors (LOVE!), a plush pink robe, fab pink purse, a subscribtion to The Paula Dean Magazine and Cooking Light Magazine, and a board game too!! Not to mention all my fun stuff from the elves!!! :)
We are having Christmas with the Farmer's family on New Years Day, so I am still in the Christmas Spirit! Stay tuned for pics of a new wreath I made last night!!


Brittany's Baby Shower!

Her shower was soo fun! She got a ton of great stuff for Halle Faye! The decorations turned out super cute too!!

Momma and I made this Diaper Cake!! soo cute!

Friends from college!

Me, Britt and Amyroo!

Can't wait for February 15!!! :)