Happy Tuesday!

Nothing much new to report...the Tip Night (last night) went really well!! We made almost $150!! The girl's had SOO much fun cleaning tables and serving pizza...ohh to be young again! haha! It was fun to get to meet a lot of their parents and grandparents! The Farmer and his parents even came!
I haven't gotten much else on my to-do list finished!! I did, however, get some packing done! And, like always, I have way too much, so I will have to "cull" some things for the final pack! Well I'm off to work (ohh wait I'm already at work!) to finish up the online version of my monthly magazine, so I can be at my 4-H Photography workshop meeting by 11:00! It is 7 below right now, so let's hope it warms up a bit by then!! :)


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