Christmas in Dixie!!

Yes, I'm aware some of these pics aren't that great, but the lighting was wretched!! :)

Christmas Eve!

My brother and his new wife, Erin!

Cade and A-Dub!

Me and my Daddy!

Family Christmas Tradition!! A piƱata!!

Cade hitting the Penguin!

too loud!!

The Goods!

Playing with the loot!

My brother, blowing the horn!!

The Farmer trying to figure it out!!

finger trap!!

My UD!!!

Awww :)

The Tree!

The Magic Boots!!



cute barbie!


She got an "Our Generation" Doll from Santa, and then she got the Horse that the doll rides..not to mention every outfit and accessory that she comes with!!

I got out my treasured American Girl Doll (Kirsten), so we could play slumber party!!

I know I look less than incredible, but it's a fun pic!!

Hope you all had a Marvelous Christmas!!! :)


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  1. aww so glad i got to see the magic boots - i know you did that just for me since ive persintantly worried you!