Ladies Christmas Brunch!!

On Saturday morning we had our Ladies Christmas Brunch at church. I got to help decorate and it turned out soo cute!! I wished I would have taken pics, but I simply forgot my camera!! We used the vases form my wedding and filled them with peppermints like I did for my dining room table centerpiece ( We used off white table cloths with red napkins and sprinkled the table with Candy Cane Hershey Kisses!

Then I made these little cards (below) with the Candy Cane story on it, and we put candy canes in the little slits on the side...these were on each place setting!
What a fun morning and the food was incredible..I think next year I will push for the ladies to bring recipes for their dishes, so I can try them out too!! :)

And the Christmas Cantata last night was incredible!! The Farmer's parents and little sister sang in it, so it was fun to get to hear them! I just adore Christmas music :) Now I'm sad the Winterfest weekend is over!

Ok! Back to work!! :)


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