Peppermint Hot Chocolate Mix

I totally said I was not gonna make any more holiday sweets (until our candy making day at my Momma and Daddy's, when I'm home for Christmas) but this isn't really a sweet... so it's allowed :)

I found this recipe on Tasty and just couldn't resist! I simply adore a big mug of hot chocolate on a cold night and when it's paired with jammies, fuzzy slippers, a warm blanket, and a comfy couch there is NOTHING better! Well...maybe a Farmer to join me would add the finishing touch! So I whipped up this recipe for just that occasion!

1 cup Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
1 cup Sugar
½ cups Mini Semi-sweet Chocolate Chips
½ cups Crushed Candy Canes Or Other Peppermint Candies

Preparation Instructions
Add all ingredients to a medium bowl and stir to combine. To use, add 1/3 cup mix to 1 cup of hot milk and stir until chocolate and candy pieces dissolve. Store any leftover mix in an airtight container.

What you'll need!

in the bowl

put the peppermints in a plastic baggie

Then get your frustrations out with a meat mallet!!

add the crushed peppermints to the bowl

mix it all together!

Find a container for your mix...I put peppermints and the bottom of mine!

use a funnel or sheet of paper to get the mix in your container

then I put mints on the top as well

what's Christmas without polka dots?!?!

I designed a little label and it's done!

this is the best hot chocolate I have ever had..seriously!!!

want some yet??

How about now...mmmmmm ;)



  1. Hayley - thanks so much for that recipe. I've searched for a good one for a long time! Love the Christmas present idea. I've bought Crate & Barrel's peppermint hot choc for years. You are wonderful and I just can't get over this blog. Always think of you this time of year as we're headed to Billings for Stockgrowers!

  2. This looks so good I am tempted to get up right now and make some!