Our house, in lights!

The provisions...
And the Pink and Green Tackyness....

I have to admit, I had big dreams for my house this year...a gingerbread man, lollipops, gumdrops all made by the Farmer, but time got the better of me and I ended up with what you see here...not Amazing, but soo me :)

Every Christmas Eve, when I am home in Mississippi, we go look at lights after a party at my Grandmother's. There was always one house that would have green lights on a tree and the door and that would be it!! I always loved that house! I didn't care that it wasn't jaw dropping or elaborate...I just loved that they used green lights! I always said that I would have a house covered in green lights when I grew up!! Well I'm grown, and my tastes have changed, but not much!! Just a little pink added for contrast and I have the Christmas Lights I always hoped for!! :) Maybe next year I can have my Gingerbread Land!!


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  1. Exotic and fun! Can't wait to see them in person over Christmas. :o)