The Girl's House!!

Yesterday, amidst all the work, I picked up Emma from her Grandmother's and we went on a candy spree!! Emma is my friend's little girl. She wanted to make a Gingerbread House for our town's Gingerbread House contest (being held as a type!) so I volunteered to lend my creativity! We "bought out" the candy store as Emma's Mom said when she saw our loot, then went to the grocery store for more supplies!! After we had gathered all the essentials, we spent quite a while building our Girl's House! It was very fun and very messy! I'll let you know who won as soon as I find out the results! There was some pretty stiff competition, but I'm sure our pink girly catsle will hold it's own!! :)

The Inspiration!

The Girl's House!!! Emma was one happy little girl :)


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  1. Love the gingerbread house! And congrats on being the big winners!