I'm BACK!!!

And better than ever...hehe!! I am swamped, but I will try to get all my Christmas updates up ASAP!! The Farmer and I had such a great time in Mississippi!! I flew out on Friday the 18th and the Farmer drove down the following Tuesday!! I threw one of my Besties a baby shower on the 19th (pics to come) and then we headed to Ft. Worth, TX on the 20th!! This is a Family tradition! We got back in time to welcome the Farmer to the South, then spent Wednesday with my niece and nephew! The boys went to see Old Dogs and the girls went to the Princess and the Frog!! Cutest movie ever!! :) On Thursday we baked ALL day (sorry I forgot to take pics), then we had the Annual Christmas Eve Party at my Grandmothers! Friday we woke up and opened Christmas presents with my whole family! We were all home for the first time together! On Saturday I met up with another one of my Besties, Lacie! She just got engaged, so we were looking for Wedding and Bridesmaids dresses...soo fun!! Then we woke up at the crack of dawn yesterday and came home!!! I am beyond exhausted!! But I have big news!! We got a puppy!!! I know I said never again after Mags got ran over, but we just couldn't resist! My Daddy had some puppies ready to be given away and so we brought one home!!! Her name is Dasher!! And she is currently in my lap and wont go anywhere else...she's a bit high maintenance, so lets hope that wears off!! i have way too much to do this week!!!

Speaking of way too much to do...my New Year's Eve Party is fast approaching!!! AHHHHH!!! My house is a WRECK and I need to go grocery shopping!! Maybe tonight?!? Ohh and I have to tell yall about all the fun things I got for Christmas too!

Stay Tuned!!! :)

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