Dancing Queen!!

There is no doubt about it...I LOVE to dance!!! Now, to be fair....I really have no clue how to dance, but I love it all the same :) So at my wedding dance that's just what I did...danced the night away!!! I had never had all my friends in one place before so that made it even better :) Enjoy the pics of the dancing queens..and kings!!!

Saturday Night Fever!!!

Lacie (The professional dancer) and A-dub cutting a rug!

My little Cade gettin jiggy with it!!

Ohhh Trai Trai, always the life of the partay!!

Like I said....life of the party! Don't you love how his outfit matches the wedding theme!!

My brother showing off his skills!

All the girls dancing with Daddy!

Love it!!

aww soo sweet!

I LOVE A-dub's face in this pic!! She's like "ok 'Denda' stop singing while you dance!!"

Just like we're back in Starkville at the Hunt Club!!

I'm sure the song was "Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun!!" Take note of the huge, gross mosquito bite on my arm!! That's the price you pay for taking wedding pics in the corn!!

I wish I could have my wedding dance every weekend!! :)


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