Whats Up Wednesday!

What we are eating this week? I have got to do my meal plan and online grocery shopping tonight, so I have no idea!!

What we’ve been up to? Concert for the Farmer and school for the boys...just life as usual!

What I’m loving?

Garnier Ultimate Blends Hair Mask- I saw these cute little pods at Walmart and thought I would give them a try! Absolutely love them!! They make my hair so soft!
Instagram Stories- I have really been loving sharing our daily antics on my stories (iowa_southernbelle) follow me for the fun!
Fiestaware Mixing Bowl set- The Farmer got me this fun set for Valentines! They boys and I tried it out with some brownies and it worked great!! So fun to bake with pretty things!
Mad Mia Car Freshener- Yall, this thing smells amazing (I got Love Spell scent) and it is the cutest thing EVAR!! Just search Mad Mia on Etsy to find her! She has tons of designs and scents! I think I need a flamingo for my makeup closet!
Justin Skinny Syrups- These are so yummy and calorie/carb free! I have tried several and all have been great! you can find them at Home Goods, T.J. Maxx, and Tuesday Morning! I have been loving adding them to coffee with a little creamer for yummy iced coffee!
ICE drink- The Cherry Limeade is soo good!
Urban Decay Vice Lipstick- I got this in shade 1993 for Christmas and have been loving it! Such a pretty color!

What I’m working on?
A few projects for our home! I am finally going to paint the tea cart! Stay tuned! Also made McCoy some cork boards for his room, and we ordered a new light/fan for the kitchen! So excited!

What I’m excited about? Spring!! Is it here yet?!? We are having some nice sunny days this week, and it is so good for my winter blues!!

What I’m watching/reading? This is Us, The Middle, and any British show I can get my hands on!! Loving Victoria and I binged watched The Crown, Poldark (so good!), Pride and Prejudice, Emma, and Doctor Thorne! Now I'm onto Versailles on Netflix! I just can't get enough, next I am going to try Upstairs Downstairs on Amazon Prime!

What I’m listening to? Sagebrush album! We got it a couple of weeks before we went to the concert, and I'm obsessed!  

What I’m Wearing?
I had a lot of these pilled up since I forgot to do Whats Up Wednesday for the past two months!

1. Raising My Herd tee! So cute!
2. Leopard sweater got it from Amazon last fall.
3. My cute floral short from one of my Stitch Fixes!
4. Gray elbow patch shirt (Zulily) with burgundy vest (Rumor Mill Boutique)
5. Kimono from my last Stitch Fix!
6. Scarf (Amazon two year ago), cardigan (Zulily), shirt (Target)
7. Love this embroidered cargo jacket from Target!
8. Gorge embroidered top from Marshall's and camel vest from Rumor Mill Boutique!
9. Adore this top from Rumor Mill Boutique!!
10. Cute outfit for Black Hills Stock Show!

What I’m looking forward to next month? LegoLand Discovery Center in Kansas City with my boys!! We can't wait!
We went last year and the boys have been begging to go back ever since! 

What I'm Doing This Weekend? As little as possible! The boys want to do science projects and build Legos! Sounds like perfection to me! :) 


Coy's Cork Boards!

I was at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago and found the cutest teepees on clearance! I didn't, however, love the saying on them. McCoy was in need of somewhere to display his keepsakes, so I grabbed them and some cork tiles, in hopes of being able to turn them into cork boards!

I LOVE how they turned out! Not sure if this is where they will stay, but it's cute for now!


Ned LeDoux Concert!

The Farmer and I had a little getaway last weekend! We went to see Ned LeDoux and Western Underground at the Hard Rock and had the best time! Such a great concert!! :) 

The drummer, KW Turnbow, threw the drumstick to us (We had been on the elevator with him earlier that day, and we didn't know it was him, but he saw the big tall Farmer in the crowd and remembered us!) so after the concert, we had him and Ned sign it! They played most of the songs on his album but he also sang lots of his Daddy's (Chris LeDoux) songs too! He sounds so much like him! Everybody was so nice and we had the best time!! :) 


Shamrock Wishes!

I got the Valentines decor down and was all ready to put up Easter, but I just couldn't resit putting up my St. Patrick's Day stuff..even if I will probably only leave it up for a few weeks!

How does this look with rainbow pom pom!?!

My Momma got me two little Christmas cactus (left of window) I think I am going to plant them in my Fiestaware tea pots, but The Farmer has to get some kind of drill bit first to put holes in the bottom! At least the gold foil matches my St. Pats decor!! :) So excited, I have always wanted one!!


Children's Museum Fun!

The boys have been begging to go to "the children's museum with the dinosaur outside" for awhile, and we finally got a free Sunday to head up to Brookings for the day!!

I tried some videos on my Instagram stories of the day, 
so if you aren't following me there, you should!! hehe!!

 Instagram: iowa_southernbelle 

Science experiment of the day!

We ended the day with a drive around South Dakota State's campus 
and supper at Buffalo Wild Wings!