What's Up Wednesday!!

What I'm reminiscing about? McCoy being a rolly polly baby! Last year he was just learning to roll over and now he is in to EVERYTHING!! :)

What I'm loving? My Planner!! I am soo obsessed, It's so fun to decorate and there are so many ideas on Pinterest and Instagram! It's like scrapbooking, but without all the hard work! ha! :) And don't even get me started on my washi tape crush! It is so cute! I use it more on the day to day pages, but trying to find more spots for it! I also started making my own sticker labels, so I could get a more personalized look! Yeah, I love it :)

What we've been up to? Preschool, Kindermusik, MOPS, and playing outside every chance we get before winter comes and Mommy hibernates!! Loving this fall weather!

What I'm dreading? Cleaning the playroom! It is so out of control, I don't even want to think about it!! We need to do some major purging before Christmas!!

What I'm listening to? Theme songs to Bubble Guppies, Umi Zoomi, and Blues Clues...and we can't forget Sesame Street! McCoy is in love with Elmo! He wakes up every morning asking for Eeeee-mmooo!!

What I'm wearing? Anything that's clean! I have also got to get my room cleaned up and organized (just add this to the dreading list as well!) My suitcase it still sitting in the middle of the room and we've been home almost a month!! Ugghhh!!

What I'm doing this weekend? We are going to a wedding! Jen, my former roommate is getting married!! She was my "wedding fairy" when I was getting married and we can't wait to celebrate her big day!

What I'm looking forward to next month? Halloween, mainly so Merritt will quit asking when can we go trick or treating! ha! 

What is your favorite Halloween tradition? I guess it would be baking with Merritt! We love to make all sorts of fall/halloween treats! Nutter Butter Ghost cookies are his very favorite!! 



After we dropped the buckaroo off at school, McCoy and I ran some errands (which has become our Tuesday ritual!) We headed to the farm store to get Jake some feed, and as we walked by the display of toys he spotted a pony and freaked out! Thank goodness nobody was in there, because he was neighing at the top of his lungs and yelling "ake, ake!!" Which is, of course, how he says Jake! 

I felt bad for the poor second child that always has to play with Merritt's cast offs, so I let him get "Jake!" Besides, what's the fun in running errands with Mommy if you don't get a prize?!?! 

When I put the feed in the buggy, I said something like, "now we have feed for Jake," so he immediately made his toy Jake eat from the sack of feed! Too cute! This boy loves horses!

I asked him if he loved Jake, and he kissed him!! hehe :) He took him in every where else we went and had to join him for lunch! 

I also ran to Loopys (it's kinda like a dollar store, but has boutique decor too!) and freaked out when I saw these!!
I never find any fall decor that has turquoise in it (my main living area has lots of turquoise, so I love to keep that theme...until Christmas when everything is pink and green, then I don't care!! ha!) Don't fall colors look so great with turquoise?!?! The only piece I have in this color scheme, is a pumpkin (see pic below!) I found at Hobby Lobby last year, but I don't think they carry it anymore (boo!) Anywho! I couldn't decide which one to get, then just went for it and got both, I just love the sayings on them!

Not sure I love it here, but it works for now!

Not sure this will stay here either, but I was just itching to get it hung up!

 This is my pumpkin with the turquoise accents...isn't it fabulous?!?

In other news, while I was picking tomatoes yesterday, I saw this!!
I literally shrieked with delight!! We thought we had planted peppers, but couldn't remember which pot, and then we just figured it had been mis-labeled when we got it. 

I was soo excited! And there are at least four more almost ready to pick!!


Show and Share!

Today was Merritt's day to Show and Share at preschool! The kids each have a day, they bring a snack and can choose two things to bring to show the class! He thought all weekend about what he should bring and finally decided on his hat and the sheriffs badge he got a the Dalton Gang museum!! I just love this little buckaroo! :)


Bones for bed!

Merr was obsessed with his "bone" jammies last halloween, but sadly they didn't fit this year! McCoy could still wear his, so every time I put them on him, Merritt would wish for some too! He has been really into bones since watching a Bubble Guppies episode about the doctor and seeing an x-ray of our dog's paw! 

Children's Place had them online, but not in his size, so I ran by there on Saturday and they had one pair left! Score! I had a coupon and "place points" so they were only five bucks!! Bigger score!! 

These jammies were the only reason he got out of the tub tonight! Whatever works!! :) Love my little bags of bones!


Yesterday, McCoy slept in until 9:00 and was feeling pretty lousy (too much fun at Grandma's! :) So I stayed home with him, while Merr and The Farmer headed off to church. We had some friends from church come over after, for coffee and super yummy pumpkin bread! I had made the bread on Saturday, but since I ended up staying home, I whipped up some cream cheese frosting to go with it!! Ahhhh-mazing!!!

The bread is SOO simple, literally just a can of pumpkin and spice cake mix! That's all! Just dump them together in a bowl, mix it up, throw it in a loaf pan and bake at 350 for around 30 minutes! 

We headed outside after supper, in search of the super moon!! I couldn't really get a good pic but it was spectacular! We rode around on the "bota" trying to get some better views! The boys thought chasing the moon was the best! ha!

 Then Merritt picked this piece of grass, stuck it in his mouth, and said "This is what Farmer's do!!" haha!!

McCoy, still not feeling himself, almost fell asleep on the ride!

But not tired enough to be left out of the driving!!

The best fam pic we could get of the moon!!!

We put little Mr. Grumpy Pants to bed, then got the fire pit out! Perfect way to watch the eclipse!!

Then we had a few S'mores, because what's a fire pit night without them?

I got out a blanket so we could lay and look up at the moon and stars..this little nut was certain we were going to sleep outside! No way buddy!! :)

Happy to report that McCoy is feeling much better today! He has the sniffles, but 'tis the season!! :)


Go Jacks!

Thanks to all the rain we got last week, we got to meet up with our friends Lacey and Jared, for the SDSU Beef Bowl game yesterday! It was my first game and we had tons of fun! The best part was the popcorn and soft pretzel, but I know yall will keep my little secret!! hehe! :) The Jacks won and we joined some more friends at Buffalo Wild Wings afterwards! What a super fun date day/night! Now back to our regularly scheduled harvest programming!! HA! 


McCoy's First Haircut

McCoy had his very first haircut today!! He did great and sat there like a champ! He didn't have much to cut, so you can't really tell, but it was getting way too long on top! My handsome babe :)

This visit was very different than Merritt's fist cut!
No tears for this Momma, but probably because he still looks the same! :)