Day at the Dentist!

It had been about a year a a half since Merritt's last dentist visit, so he needed to go! He was super scared and did not want to even think about going...he is fine with doctor visits, so I'm not sure where the fear came from?? 

Anyway, I had the cutest little dentist play-doh set in my stash, so I pulled it out and told him he could have it if he would go and be good at the dentist, he said.."um, ok momma!" haha! 

He did great and sat there like a statue the whole time, and had no cavities! Go Merritt!! He got home and showed me his new toothbrush and got right to playing with his dentist play-doh! We have drilled and filled lots of cavities the past few days!! We had one of these sets as kids too and I remember it being so fun! 

I am going to get out all his other play-doh stuff this afternoon after nap. We haven't had it out in awhile since he has been obsessed with his kinetic sand! Excited for it's return, so I can play too!! hehe :)


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