This week..

Yall, this week has about killed me!! First day of preschool for Merr, first day of Kindermusik for Coy, first day of MOPS for me/Moppets for McCoy, and we still have first day of Sunday School for Merritt on Sunday! For a girl who has been on "vacation" since May, this getting up early and having to leave the house every day has been quite a struggle!! Haha! 

It is nice to be back in a routine though, and I'm proud to say that I finally got my dishes (that were taking over every inch of the kitchen counter!!) done tonight!!! Whew!! Now on to laundry!!

McCoy loved Kindermusik and it is soo fun to get one on one time with just felt so weird to be doing something without Merr though!! They have gotten along alot better this week since being apart some, so that's a score! Our niece, Lydia, is in McCoy's Kindermusik class too, so we grabbed lunch at the bakery afterwords! Double trouble!! :) Should be a very fun year!!

We had MOPS kickoff this morning, and I thought I would never get myself and both boys ready on time to drop Merritt off at school and make it to the meeting...but I did it!!{patting myself of the back!} hehe! Even got to MOPS a little early so I could make sure McCoy was ok in his Moppets room...I have only left him with family, so I figured he would freak out! I snuck out while he was playing and they said he did great!! Woohoo!! My group is called the Marvelous Marigolds and they are going to be tons of fun!! Can't wait to get to know them better and have lots of play dates and hopefully some girls nights out too!! :)

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