This and That!

I'm feeling very relieved this morning! We (Merritt) finally picked out his (and McCoy's!) Halloween costumes and I got everything ordered!! I already had everything for McCoy's so that was fab! I wanted Merr to be a pirate and McCoy to be a big fat parrot, but in the end, I just let Merritt choose what he really wanted..I guess the days of me picking out costumes have come to an end!! boo!! At least I got to pick McCoy's so they will still coordinate! Of course I am keeping it a surprise, so stay tuned!! :)

I got some laundry going this morning and got McCoy's room cleaned, well except his overflowing suitcase and all the summer clothes bins that need to be put away, but hoping to tackle that tomorrow!! Starting to get out from under the mountain of "stuff" that has been neglected!

Anyway, thought I would share some random pics! :)

We got our Halloween Little People out this week, both boys are loving them!

Jake is slowly but surely getting used to living here on the farm, we have been doing lots of brushing, petting, and feeding! Along with lots of making sure McCoy doesn't shimmy under the fence to get to him...he is obsessed with this pony!! :)

This morning we made candy race cars, to go along with our racing in to preschool theme! Merritt thought they were fast and yummy!! :)

I snapped this pic before I left for Mississippi! Can you guess what it is? 
All of the goodies for our elf, Jolly, to bring at Christmas, of course! hehe!! I know, I am out of control, but I needed to get all my clearance finds out from last year to make sure I had enough for all the days, in case I needed to be on the lookout for anything...but luckily I have plenty! Woohoo!! Now I need to get my days all organized, so I'm not scrambling the night before...Jolly is lucky he has me to look after him! :)

Well I'm off to get lunch ready! Happy Friday! :)


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