Yall!! I don't know why I keep buying flowers! I am cursed!! I carefully picked out these mums, only to get home and have the red one break!! I just took it out of the car, set it down, and crack, it broke!! Blah!! Two big sides of it fell off, so instead of having the yellow ones together in the big pot in the middle, I had to use them in the smaller pots and put the orange one and what was left of the red one together!! It looks soo sad!! It's like the fall mum version of Charlie Brown's Christmas tree!! 

Not sure where to put my howdy sign?!?! I am hoping to get some real pumpkin soon, so maybe I will get more inspired after that...but then again they will probably break too, so I better not get my hopes up!!

My little worker bees loved helping me water the plants..really, they just liked running through the stream as I was trying to actually water the plants!! Ughh!! Off to the tub they went!

Will update again soon..I'm sure this will be ever changing! Still need to get my wreath hung and a few more pieces out! Stay tuned :)

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