Yesterday, McCoy slept in until 9:00 and was feeling pretty lousy (too much fun at Grandma's! :) So I stayed home with him, while Merr and The Farmer headed off to church. We had some friends from church come over after, for coffee and super yummy pumpkin bread! I had made the bread on Saturday, but since I ended up staying home, I whipped up some cream cheese frosting to go with it!! Ahhhh-mazing!!!

The bread is SOO simple, literally just a can of pumpkin and spice cake mix! That's all! Just dump them together in a bowl, mix it up, throw it in a loaf pan and bake at 350 for around 30 minutes! 

We headed outside after supper, in search of the super moon!! I couldn't really get a good pic but it was spectacular! We rode around on the "bota" trying to get some better views! The boys thought chasing the moon was the best! ha!

 Then Merritt picked this piece of grass, stuck it in his mouth, and said "This is what Farmer's do!!" haha!!

McCoy, still not feeling himself, almost fell asleep on the ride!

But not tired enough to be left out of the driving!!

The best fam pic we could get of the moon!!!

We put little Mr. Grumpy Pants to bed, then got the fire pit out! Perfect way to watch the eclipse!!

Then we had a few S'mores, because what's a fire pit night without them?

I got out a blanket so we could lay and look up at the moon and stars..this little nut was certain we were going to sleep outside! No way buddy!! :)

Happy to report that McCoy is feeling much better today! He has the sniffles, but 'tis the season!! :)


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