Weekend Re-cap!

Not really much to re-cap...I washed 327 loads of laundry on Saturday! blah! We also watered the sad mums, picked tomatoes, put out a few more fall decor items, and made a huge sloppy joe mess!! :)

I love this wreath! My Momma bought it for The Farmer years ago when she was in Iowa for the weekend helping me pick out wedding dresses! We had gone to little farmers market and they had them for sale. We jazzed it up with a "manly" bow so he would hang it on his front door! I have used it every year since! I think it needs a bow update though, now that's it's no longer on a bachelor's door....I'll add that to the list! :)

 I made Sloppy Joes last night, and McCoy took the sloppy part way too literally! What a little mess! 

Today, after church (first day of Sunday School, pics to come!), we made a quick trip to Sioux Falls to run a few errands, then got home in time to ride Jake! I am SOO very thankful that my boys are growing up riding ponies, just like me, my brother and sis did! Some of my best childhood memories! Just makes my heart so happy to share this with them! :)

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