Egg Hunt!!

Merritt is loving Easter eggs this year! He thinks they all must have something inside them, so I knew I had to find some little trinkets for this year's hunt! I stopped in Dollar Tree and grabbed an eight pack of mini squishy dinosaurs, an eight pack of mini frogs/lizards, a three pack of mini Cars tape, and two dino silly putty eggs for the golden prize eggs!! Looking back, I should have gotten McCoy something he could actually play with (chew on) for his prize egg, instead of the dino silly putty that Merritt claimed as his right away!! Hopefully he wont hold it against me! I'll do better next year! :) 

Eggs all filled and ready to be hidden!

I found these cute buckets at Walmart! Tractors and loaders? Yes, I'll take two! :)


The Farmer helping Coy!

Don't mess with my eggs!!

I think we hunt Easter eggs in rubber boots every year! I just adore these boots, they have little cowboys on them! I got them before he was born, even though I knew it would be awhile before he could wear them, I just couldn't resist!!? Soo cute!

He found the golden egg!!

McCoy liked throwing his!

Ok, lets see what's in these eggs!

pretty excited!!

I put some candy in a few eggs too! He had a ball checking out each egg! 

Can't wait for the glow in the dark egg hunt! Not sure what night we are going to do it, but I'm thinking Friday! Stay tuned, I found lots of fun glow in the dark stuff, get excited!! :)


Easter Babies!

I am obsessed with little hats like these! Soo cute! Merritt just wanted to open all the Easter eggs, so I'm surprised I even got two usable pics of them together! We are having our first hunt this afternoon! Stay tuned!!


Mommy's Cowboys!

We did a little photo shoot yesterday and out of 150+ shots I got a few keepers! Whew! It is soo hard to take pics of your own kids!!

He is saying bang bang with his guns!


Cowboy Coy!

And because this little crazy can't be left out...

This sand..

is still his fave!! I'm talking hours!! It's crazy how much fun he has with this stuff...and Mommy likes to play too! :) We have gotten a few more bags of it (watch for Amazon deals!) brown, orange, pink, and purple sand mixed together makes mauve!! 

I found these mini sand castle molds at the Dollar Tree (all four in a little bag for $1) score!! We have been having tons of fun making "kingdoms!" Hope he isn't super disappointed to play with regular sand this summer! hehe!

Palm Sunday!

Having "Super Saturday" before Palm Sunday, was probably not my best idea! Merritt was pretty tired this morning and was not at all interested in waving a palm leaf during the church service!! Thank goodness for The Farmer! He walked along with him, then Merritt was fine and sat nice through the children's message! He came back to sit down by me and McCoy and said, "Hey where's my palm leaf?!?!"  Oh you mean the leaf that I was begging you to wave? The one you refused to carry??  Uggh! This kid!! He is such a mess! I'm praying that next week goes better!! :)

Our handsome little guys!

Children's message after they waved (or didn't wave) their palm leaves!

After Sunday School he waved that palm leaf until it fell apart!! I guess better late than never :)
So they took branches of palm trees and went out to meet him, crying out HOSANNA, blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!

Hi! I'm Merritt and I live to make my Momma crazy!! ;)

Love you little stinker!