Happy St. Pats!!

We are back!! Sorry for not posting while I was in Mississippi, but it was a whirlwind! I will catch you up with pictures later, but for now..Happy St. Pats!! Merritt had tons of fun pinching the non-green wearing Farmer this morning :)

a little leprechaun left them a happy :)

Excited to see if we can grow some clover! :)

He loves these Monsters Inc roller balls! I found a ton of them at Dirt Cheap, not sure where else to find them but they are pretty cute! We already had the Sully one, and I'm thinking a few more will be spotted in their Easter baskets :)

Mommy's little Leprechauns!
Can you guess who "accidentally" hit Coy's head!! Ughh it never ends! :)

Hope yall have a great GREEN day :)

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