Sunday School Pics!

At Sunday School today, Merritt's teachers gave him his pictures from his first day! I was so excited to see that they included a picture of The Farmer's first day of Sunday School too!! They taught him as well and I can't believe they still had his pic...he was sooo cute!! :)
These were the pics in a cute card!

The Farmer!

Wish he would have smiled! Oh well, at least he smiled in the group pic!! :)

We have been working on his Bible Verse all week (Jesus said, "Come follow me, and I will make you fishers of men") and he knows it really well now...he was saying "come follow me and I will make you smile" (haha!) but he finally starting saying it right, with the exception of ending with "Amen" instead of "of men" but we'll take what we can get!! They said he recited it today but covered his mouth with his arm...ughhh! We better keep practicing! :)


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