Cuts and Donuts!

I took Merritt to get his haircut this morning and this boy was like a different child! He sat so nice and didn't make a move! I haven't seen him sit that still since before he could crawl! Unreal! The Farmer usually takes him, and always tells me how good he does, but I just really had to see it to believe it! At the last minute, The Farmer couldn't take him this morning, but Merritt really needed a trim before Easter, so I loaded up the boys to go on adventure (anytime all three of us get in the car, it's an adventure! hehe!)! So fun to see him be such a big boy! And of course, we had to get a treat afterwards, since he did so good! His choice was a sprinkle donut from the gas station, he has such a refined palate, ha!! :)

Mommy's handsome donut loving little man! :)

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