Bunny Boys!

How can this possibly be McCoy's last first holiday?! I seriously just brought him home from the hospital!! I love the fun little guy he is becoming, but time needs to slow down! The days are long but the years are so short! :) Hope you enjoy these pics of my silly bunny boys!

 Brother pics are still as hard as ever!
This went something like this...I ask, "Merritt what's on your shirt?" he replies, "Bunny on my TUMMYY!!"

a picture says a thousand words! Merritt better watch out when that babe gets a little older!! 

"hold hands boys!"  "can I get a smile?"  "Oh well, that will do, I'm over it!"   :)

I am planning on taking their portraits in their Easter Sunday outfits sometime next week, lets hope that goes better than these pics!! We are going to see the Easter bunny at the mall on Saturday, so I'm sure that will be a fiasco, but I made a deal with The Farmer, that if we did the mall bunny then we wouldn't have to do a big town Easter egg hunt this year! I am just going to do a hunt for them here one afternoon, and do the glow in the dark hunt again too! The big hunts just really aren't that fun, maybe we will try again when they get a little older!

I have their Easter baskets all filled and ready to go (even if they don't match! blah!)! Merritt is really into opening up eggs and seeing whats inside, so I tried to put all his goodies inside eggs! They are each getting a new movie (The Lion King and 101 Dalmatians), candy, bunny grams, goldfish, a slinky, books, Monsters U roll-a-scare balls, small plush chicks that move when you pull a string, bath water color changing tablets, bubbles, playdoh, mini nerf guns, and sippy cups. Merritt is also getting some undies, silly putty, and Mini Thomas trains (have yall seen them? they are soo cute! they have the blind bags at Walmart for $1.50, makes a perfect "being a good boy prize" while shopping!! He wants to collect them all! Wonder where he gets that from?!?). McCoy is also getting some teethers, a bath toy, and puff snacks. I have The Farmer's basket full too! Last year he said don't worry about getting him anything, so I didn't....Easter morning came and he wondered where his candy was?!?! He will be getting an Easter basket from now on, whether he wants one or not! The look on his sad little face, when I admitted that he had no basket, was just too much to handle! hehe!! I may or may not have made a basket for myself as well! Momma needs goodies too! Mostly lip balms, nail polish, chocolate dusted almonds, and an electric pedicure roller thing! Fun, fun!

On Sunday, Merritt will get to walk through church waving a palm branch at the beginning of the service with the other children...I will be videoing, dont worry!! He will also sing on Easter Sunday...again, will have the video camera in hand! Can't believe he is in Sunday School already! If y'all haven't noticed, I am in complete denial about my boys growing up!!

Well that's all for now! Hoppy Thursday :)

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