McCoy Everett - 10 months!

This sweet babe is 10 months old!! Can you believe?!?! Crazy!

He is 22.4 pounds and 29 inches long!

He is not walking yet, but continues cruising along anything he can hold on to! He can stand for a few second unassisted and but still no least none that we know of! :)

His daily schedule goes something like this...wake up at 8:00am and has an 8 ounce bottle (he hasn't really been drinking the whole thing lately, I think he is "over" bottles and ready to be a big boy! I will probably start giving him breakfast with Merritt in the next couple of weeks), then he plays until around 9:30am, at which point he goes down for a nap and usually sleeps until around 11:30am, when he wakes up he has lunch (he pretty much eats anything we give him) then plays for a bit before going down for his afternoon nap from 1:00pm to 4:00pm, when he wakes up he gets a 6 ounce bottle (again, he hasn't really been interested in drinking all of it - we will get rid of this bottle pretty soon!) then plays until around 5:30pm when I put him in his high chair and give him some puffs/snacks/toys while I get supper ready. He eats supper with us around 6:00/6:30, then has his last bottle (4 ounces) at 7:00/7:30 and is off to bed for the night! Tonight I am going to try to eliminate that bottle and see how it goes!

He is wearing 12 month and 12-18 month clothes, depending on the brand, and size 4 diapers.

He continues to say mamama, dadada, bababa and can sign for more, clap, and wave bye bye, and moves side to side when you ask him to dance! 

He has five teeth now! Three on the bottom and two on the top, with one more almost through on the top!

His favorite toys have stayed the same, with the addition of this Nuby spin n teethe teether that is JayJay got him! It's a life saver!
Spin N Teethe
He has been having a rough time with teething and really enjoys chewing on this when nothing else seems to help, don't leave home without it! 

We love him more and more everyday and enjoy seeing our sweet boy grow and change! Can't wait for the next ten months!! :)


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