Road Trip!

Snap shots from the road trip down to Mississippi! The Farmer drove us to Kansas City and my Daddy picked us up there and drove us the rest of the way! Tons of fun :)

Wing Stop! The Farmer and I are obsessed with wings!! :) Thank goodness Merritt and McCoy like them too!

Hotel fun! He had to wear his sun glasses all night!


birthday cake pancakes for super!

Swimming! For some reason the pool was FREEZING! But my Daddy promised to swim with him! It was hilarious, to say the least! #polarplunge 

Go on, get in Whoop!!

McCoy and I watched from the side in the warm chairs!

soo cold!

His prize for the night! Anything to get him out of the ice water!

Kings of The Road! Ready to finish the trip!

Nice hat!

Baby's First Happy Meal!

My Daddy had gotten Merritt his first Happy Meal too, so I was waiting for this trip for McCoy's first one!

He loved it!!

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