Easter Sunday!

Merritt woke up to lots of surprises in his Easter basket! We waited to go into the living room until the Farmer came home from chores...good thing I had cinnamon rolls again to keep him in his high chair! ha! Next year he is just going to get a Slinky, because that's all he wanted to play with!!

Little People! I have had these for over a year, but I knew he wouldn't be able to play with them last year so I saved them! When I finally got the Slinky away from him, he loved it :) The purple box is just what the house came in, nothing fun in there..ha!

Me and my Momma found these cute egg cartons while in Branson for like 99 cents at Walgreens!! Score! He loves it and it's also a shape sorter!

Yea! Now we have all the Little People Holiday books..unless they make a 4th of July one :)

I filled his little carrots with Annie's Bunny snacks! The big carrot in the back is bubbles and the big eggs are filled with Toy Story Wheelies!  He also got a Tractor Wheelie (in the clear egg) in Easter Colors, so cute!!!

SOO excited!!

These are little light up animals..this one is a chick!

a little lamb..

Bunny..on the floor!

Toy Story Wheelies!

The infamous Slinky! From the Dollar Spot at Target, should have gotten more of them!

Toy Story Wheelies!

Toy Story Wheelies!

The Farm Peek a Blocks that were in his basket! He got the Vehicles version of these for Valentines and loves them!!

Easter Wheel Pals! They can go with the Farm Animal Sets he has....they have little ramps they go shooting down! very fun :)
Easter Books!!! These came from Gordman's (except the Little People one) for around $1.99 each...they always have great books at GREAT prices! We have a good collection of Easter books now! I am going to keep them in his holiday book bucket, since Easter was so early this year, so we can enjoy them awhile!

These were the Toy Story Wheelies!

My two sweet boys, ready for Church :)
Happy Easter!! :)

We went to church then had a super yummy meal with The Farmer's Family! Tonight we are going to watch the conclusion of the Bible and maybe have some ice cream ;) What a great day to celebrate our Lord and Savior. He is Risen!! Happy Easter to yall!


Easter Egg Hunter!!

He had the best time at the Easter Egg Hunt and even found the Golden Egg!! Woohoo!! The 3 and under kids went first and were allowed one parent to help...the Farmer jumped up and down and volunteered to go with him (may be a dramatization! ha!) I gave them a pep talk before the hunt...Momma wants that prize egg!! There were a TON of people, so I was surprised they found any eggs at all :) At the end, they handed in their regular eggs and got a ticket to trade in and get a fun Easter goody bag, then he turned in his golden egg for a Easter Bunny stuffed animal! They even had baby chicks to hold. Such a fun morning!! :)

doing a little practicing before we left!

the calm before the storm!


pretty proud of his Golden Egg!! The Farmer told me later, he actually stepped on it and that's how he found it!! ha!

Hey Lady, let me have that baby chick!!