Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Branson Fun!

I got back from Branson last night! We had the best time, it was tons of fun!! :) I took lots of pics, soo here they are!!

Merritt opening his Easter basket from JJ, Auggie, and Cade-o

Easter Basket from Honey and Granddaddy!

real classy Cade!!!

He got some fun movies ( Soo excited to watch Madagascar and Nemo!), some Cars wheelies,  Schleich cows and horse, a little moving hamster thing, a horse Wheel Pal, a light up chick, a little farm animal magnet train, a bunny book, and lots of candy!!! He had so much fun with all his goodies the whole time we were in the hotel! I think he loved the buckets everything came in the most!!

On Friday we went to The Wild Animal Safari http://goanimalparadise.com/Missouri/ It was sooo fun!! The pictures say it all :)

A-dub got to feed the tigers!!
She was soo stoked!!

typical Merritt...ugghh!!

who needs a leash?!?!

On Friday night, Momma, me, and Cade went to see the Titanic Museum, it was AMAZING!!! No pictures allowed inside, but we did buy the souvenir one they took of us, so I will post it later! My name was Sarah, I was sailing 3rd class to America to get married and I had made my own dress...the dress didn't make it, but I survived and got married 8 days later! Momma survived too, but Cade died..poor thing! :)

On Saturday, we played mini golf...Merritt had a blast with his very own club and ball!! We got to ride a train to the starting hole, contrary to his face below, he did like it!!

playing with the holes, running around, and splashing in the water was pretty much what he did the whole time :)

pooped out after all the fun!

 That night, we went to Dixie Stampede...Merritt only took a short nap the whole day, so I was super worried he was going to have a meltdown, but he LOVED it!! There was so much to watch, he just ate it up!

Again, no pictures inside, but we did buy the one they took, so I will post it later too!! On Sunday, we just shopped all day! I got Merritt's summer wardrobe taken care of and am SO excited for him to start wearing it...I need it to warm up and soon!! :) Have a great week!!


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