St. Pats for the Sicky!

My sweet little babe has!! He is taking it pretty well, but hates the breathing treatments! We went back into the doc this morning and his oxygen levels were up, so now we just wait for him to feel better and spoil him like crazy in the meantime! This includes, getting to have Wubby 24/7, eating anything he wants (which isn't much!), watching all our new movies AND renting Brave on pay per view, getting to cuddle with Mommy all day, and finally getting to open his St. Pats Day Happy early!!

a little smile for Mommy :)

A cute little St. Pats Ducky, fun rolling Tractor (found at Target clearance!), fun shamrock shades, and books!! I could only find one St. Pats book (it's really cute!), the others were ones I had in my stash that had green on the covers..hehe!! :)

How cute is this ducky?!?!  I found him at JoAnne Fabric and couldn't resist!! We change out our bath duckies for every holiday :)

these were his favorite by far!! But he preferred to put them on me!

Happy St. Patrick's Weekend :)

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