Easter Egg Hunter!!

He had the best time at the Easter Egg Hunt and even found the Golden Egg!! Woohoo!! The 3 and under kids went first and were allowed one parent to help...the Farmer jumped up and down and volunteered to go with him (may be a dramatization! ha!) I gave them a pep talk before the hunt...Momma wants that prize egg!! There were a TON of people, so I was surprised they found any eggs at all :) At the end, they handed in their regular eggs and got a ticket to trade in and get a fun Easter goody bag, then he turned in his golden egg for a Easter Bunny stuffed animal! They even had baby chicks to hold. Such a fun morning!! :)

doing a little practicing before we left!

the calm before the storm!


pretty proud of his Golden Egg!! The Farmer told me later, he actually stepped on it and that's how he found it!! ha!

Hey Lady, let me have that baby chick!!


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