Fun Saturday!!

Here are the phone pics from our fun weekend!

We went to to see the baby chicks at the farm supply store. Merritt could have stayed there all day!! Check out the video on YouTube! We let him pick out a new Schleich toy after checking out the chicks...we put him down and let him choose whichever one he wanted and he grabbed the paint horse! That's my boy :) While we were skyping with my fam Sunday night, he was playing with the new horse...he stood him on the floor, then swung his leg over and sat on him and started bouncing like he was riding it..hilarious!!

You are not supposed to handle the poultry...oops!! :)

We went to the mall to see the Easter bunny and he got really excited and started pointing at him when we walked up to Easterland!! He just sat on his lap and looked around for awhile, while I (and the Easter Bunny Photogs) took pics, then we picked him back up :) I have better pics on my camera, but haven't downloaded them yet  :)

On Friday night, Merritt bumped his lip, so we gave him a Popsicle to make it feel better, he loved it!! Have to put these on my grocery list!! :)

After we saw the Easter Bunny, we headed to our nieces B-day party! It was so fun to see all the girly stuff she got! Merritt loved the purple cupcakes!

Probably over did it a bit, as Sunday morning was NO fun for me, Merritt cried on and off all night (soo unlike him) and I just can't kick this cold! One of my ears is still completely stopped never miss it, till it's gone!! Hopefully, in a few more days I will be good as new :)

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